v185 JS in Test Cases 🧩

Welcome to another SentiOne Automate biweekly update! This time we've made improvements and fixed bugs. Take a look at the changes introduced 27/01/2022.

⭐️ (Simple) Javascript assertion in Test Cases

Now you can use... JavaScript in test cases syntax 🎉: assert JAVASCRIPT CODE

assert responses.length === 1

Find more details in Test Cases Documentation.

🔣 Integration info in debug mode

In chat tester debug mode you can find additional information about integration invocations. You can also check if integration is called with a certain set of parameters.


⚡️ Information about test suite/case execution time



  • More info about finished/started NLU training in project changelog
  • New line support in test cases - system replaces new lines with spaces when asserting bot response. When writing a test, the user can just put space in the place of a new line in the bot response.
  • New superadmin role. Only user with this role has access to the System tab with license and organization management


  • sys.Time value is not displayed in NLU module