v191 Quick replies and attachments in more blocks ✨

Welcome! Another SentiOne Automate biweekly update is here! Take a look at what we've been working on recently. Version 191 was released 21/04/2022.

✨ Quick replies and attachments in more blocks


Now you can add quick replies and attachments in all blocks that allow for bot responses. Previously, there were some blocks (for example Say with fallback) that allowed only for the text response and if you wanted to add more spice to your responses, you had to add more blocks.

👁️ UX improvements in keyword entities

Duplicated synonyms will be highlighted and you will be able to delete the first synonym.


🕵️ Advanced conversations export

Now, you can quickly export all the conversations from your project. Use it to create a backup of all the converations or just do a batch export of your conversations anytime you need it.
In Tools section choose Export and pick project(s) and date range that you are interested in. You can also include and exclude some tags. Exported data will be stored in a .csv file containing: project uuid, session_id, author, time, user message, bot responses, tags, intents, and author.

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  • In the Conversations module next to the user message, you can see all the recognized intents (previously, only the one with the highest score was displayed)


  • Importing Knowledge Base used to take forever. According to our favorite developer, it's 3 times faster now
  • Now it is possible to train the NLU from the dropdown list multiple times in a row and you don't have to go to the NLU module to start training again if it was previously started from the dropdown list


  • Memory usage optimization when training large NLU models
  • Added "isMultiIntent" NLU setting (customer customization - available only on specific environments)