v193 Miscellaneous improvements and fixes 😎

Welcome to another SentiOne Automate biweekly update. Version 193 was released on 19/05/2022.


  • [Integrations] When opening an Integration block that uses recently updated integrations a warning message will appear and integration data will be automatically updated
  • [NLU/Flow/Analytics] We've made chips styles more consistent
  • [NLU] Training start time will be displayed in the training queue
  • [Export] Now you can export your Conversations as a zipped JSON file
  • [Conversations] Save information from the Metadata block and the metadata endpoint in gateway to the simple Conversations export

:bug: FIXES

  • [NLU] When importing the same phrases multiple times, they won't get duplicated anymore (previously, some of them did)
  • [Conversations] Now Automate & Source sessions IDs don't overlap on smaller resolutions
  • [NLU] Phrases import won't fail when there are spaces in the intent's name
  • [Conversations] Choosing Today in date picker will always indicate the current date


  • [NLU] Training failed because of an error in the pattern entity will return a more specific message