v195 More efficient memory evaluation 🀯

Hello! πŸ™Œ
Due to a day off in Poland, release of version 195 was postponed to 20/06/2022.
Here's what's new:

🀯 Memory evaluation

This optimization is a nod towards our power users. Now, you can use memory variables from the same block in the next input/statement. There's no need to add multiple Custom blocks one after another or perform repetitive filtering of knowledge base items.


βœ‚οΈ Copy paste buttons made obsolete

You can no longer use buttons to copy and paste blocks on the Flow, however, keyboard shortcuts are still supported. When trying to use a button, a relevant pop-up will appear depending on your OS.



This doesn't seem like great news, but thanks to it now you will be able to smoothly copy stuff between different flows and tabs (previously, this didn't work properly with some browser settings) πŸŽ‰


  • [Projects] You can search for projects by their IDs
  • [Expression language] Added two new functions to the System API:


  • [Flow] It's no longer possible to break a project by deleting its main flow
  • [Chat tester] Fixed the way we display used states with long names in the chat tester debug mode so it no longer overflows
  • [Flow] We're no longer losing conversation metadata and integrations time when switching flows


  • [Tech] Added a new, configurable option to the config that allows for setting up a hard limit of concurrent requests - reaching this limit will result in rejecting the requests by the system

Stay tuned πŸ™Œ