v197 Flow centering to used states 🗺️

Hi, hello, and cześć! 👋
Version 197 was released on 14.07.2022.
The main changes are centering flow to used states and dynamic JSON view in debug mode.
This release is packed with lots of awesome feature improvements, much-needed bug fixes, and numerous clever under-the-hood changes.

🗺️ Flow centering to used states

Choose blocks from used states to find them on the Flow - canvas will be automatically centered to the chosen block making it easier to debug and refine your bots.


🧩 Dynamic JSON view in debug mode

JSON view will move along with new messages making it easier to debug your bot as you go.



  • [Chat tester] SSML tags won't be displayed in bot's responses anymore
  • [Test suites] Now you can see the actual number of failed tests in a given test suite instead of All assertion failed
  • [Flow] Changed the misleading block name from Back to bot to Back to previous flow and made it possible to change the name by the user
  • [NLU] Added animation on closing the Analyze user input form
  • [Test suites] Refined the way Bulk action buttons look


  • [Test suites] Minor UI fixes
  • [NLU] Intent name is now displayed properly for users without permission to edit phrases
  • [Chat tester] Added missing translations of warnings
  • [Chat tester] In debug mode we won't display the first user message if it's empty
  • [Chat tester] Exporting conversations containing empty responses as a test case is now possible
  • [Flow] It's no longer possible to add a Say with fallbacks block without at least one fallback response
  • [Organization] Fixed some issues regarding user access to different companies


  • [Tech] Created API for retrieving conversations history
  • [Tech] Improved the way used states work
  • [Tech] Bumped React to the newest version
  • [Tech] Finished refactor of Say with fallbacks block implementation
  • [Tech] Improved logging of websockets messages
  • [Tech] Introduced minor naming-related changes to avoid being blocked by uBlock

Stay tuned 🙌