v199 Bulk actions in NLU module and Knowledge base πŸ’ͺ

Hello! πŸ‘‹
Version 199 was released on 11.08.2022.
The main changes include adding Bulk actions to the NLU module and Knowledge base as well as deprecation of Flow legacy export and Context import.

πŸ’ͺ Bulk actions in the NLU module

Now you can use bulk actions (removing and exporting) in the NLU module on all lists (i.e. Phrases, Intents, Entities and Variables).


πŸ’ͺ Bulk actions in the Knowledge base

We've also added bulk remove and export in the Knowledge base.


πŸ‘΅ Deprecated Flow legacy export and context import

Flow legacy export and context import are now considered deprecated and will be removed soon.



Deprecated features

For more info about Deprecated features in SentiOne Automate, check out this page.


  • [Conversations] Filtering through a large number of conversations works properly now, so you can display first 1000 conversations you're looking for regardless of the amount of data involved.
  • [Flow] You will be asked if you want to discard your changes in the block settings when you click on another block’s settings
  • [Organization] Added missing permissions (View and Edit) for the Test suites module
  • [Analytics] Conversations from the chat tester and test cases will be no longer saved in the Analytics module
  • [Multiple modules] Refactored modals so they're more visually consistent


  • [Flow] Blocks moved outside the currently visible Flow canvas are now properly saved
  • [NLU] After canceling editing the intent name you'll go back to the previous page instead of the Intents list
  • [Flow] Tags for fallbacks are now correctly saved and displayed in the Say with fallbacks block
  • [Flow] Hover styles are now again working properly on the Contexts list
  • [All modules] Sidebar active item doesn't overflow on Firefox anymore

Stay tuned πŸ™Œ