v200 Analytics and Conversations improvements πŸŽ‰

Hello and hip hip hooray to us! πŸŽ‚
This release is a special one. 30.08.2022 we shipped version 200.
The main changes include improvements in the Analytics and Conversations modules.
Let's celebrate this anniversary release together! πŸ—

✨ Analytics and Conversations improvements

We've added a few clever improvements to the Analytics and Conversations modules:

  • [Analytics/Conversations] When clicking a specific value on a chart in the Analytics module, you will be redirected to the Conversations module and you will see all conversations corresponding to that value - this is an Experimental feature


To learn more about the Experimental features, check out this page.

  • [Conversations] New messages will automatically appear in a thread - live and without page refresh
  • [Conversations] We've sorted out source filters - they aren't messy anymore and they reflect sources from the database


  • [Flow] When working on the canvas, use "S" on your keyboard to reset your position - this is an Experimental feature and will be developed further in the next release
  • [Flow/NLU] Added pagination, search and sort by as well as bulk actions to the Flow and NLU lists so it's more user-friendly now
  • [Flow] Quick replies are now scrolled like the rest of the bot's responses instead of always being stuck to the bottom of the chat tester
  • [NLU] We've improved the performance of rendering keyword entity form so it works faster now
  • [Organization] Now you'll be able to use search when selecting a user's role
  • [Multiple modules] We've changed the way we display time - now you will see the exact date and time instead of date only


  • [Flow] Fixed the add() function in the Automate Expression Language so now it is possible to add more than one element to the list
  • [Flow] Whitespaces in the memory fields will be trimmed so it will be more errorproof
  • [Multiple modules] Fixed tooltips lagging


  • We've refactored error messages for the Automate Expression Language operations
  • Rejected messages to the bot are no longer saved as transcriptions

Stay tuned for the next anniversary release πŸ™Œ