v201 Filtering phrases without intents 🕵️

Hello! 👋
Version 201 was released on 08.09.2022.
The main changes include adding an option to filter phrases by their intents or choose phrases with no intents assigned.

🕵️ Filtering phrases without intents

In the Phrases tab, you can now filter phrases by their intents or you can even choose phrases with No intents assigned.


  • [Flow] We've added Bulk actions, pagination, search and sorting to the Flows list so it's more usable now
  • [Projects] We've added Bulk actions to the Projects list so now you can remove multiple projects at once
  • [Menu] We've added a link to the Automate Documentation at the bottom of the Menu so now it's always at hand
  • [Conversations] When new messages appear in a conversation, they are slightly animated and the view will be scrolled down to the newest message
  • [Flow] Updated the error message (so it's more descriptive and user-friendly) that appears in the chat tester when there's no valid license and it's impossible to talk to the bot
  • [Test suites] Minor UI improvements
  • [Knowledge base] Minor changes to the sorting
  • [Multiple modules] When entering a specific link when not logged in, you will be automatically redirected to the specific place in the app after logging in


  • [Organization] It's impossible to create multiple roles with the same name
  • [Knowledge base] Bulk deletion of KB items is faster now
  • [Multiple modules] When bulk deleting, loader will appear only after the action is actually confirmed
  • [Flow] Fixed translation in the Flow publishing tooltip

Until the next release! 🐗