v202 Minor fixes and improvements 👌

Hi! :boar:
22.09.2022 we shipped version 202.
This very modest release involves a few minor fixes and improvements.


  • [Export] We've added a source field to the .csv files exported from the Conversations and Export modules so now it will be clear where each message comes from
  • [Flow] Blocks used by the bot will be highlighted even if there was an error in the bot (blocks highlighting is still an Experimental feature)
  • [Integrations] It's possible to use JavaScript to extract and manipulate the responses from integrations - now, sky is the limit!

:bug: FIXES

  • [Test suites] It won't be possible to run again the currently running test suite
  • [Conversations] Now, new messages in the conversation should always appear in the right order
  • [Flow] In bot responses, incorrect JS will throw an error instead of being resolved as Expression language

Fasten your seatbelts, big things are coming in the next release! 🐗