v206 Minor improvements and fixes 👌

Hello! :boar:
Version 206 was released on 17.11.2022.
TL;DR: Just another small release with a few minor improvements and fixes.

💫 Selection of the multiple blocks won't be dropped until clicked on Canvas

Your blocks will be selected until clicked outside of them - this will make moving multiple blocks a tad more enjoyable.


  • [Multiple modules] UX improvements of the elements connected to the Bulk actions (Bulk actions order, icons, copy)

:bug: FIXES

  • [NLU] Fixed the validation of the entity form (synonym uniqueness and required inputs) - now, for entities with more than 400 inputs only backend validation will be performed
  • [Multiple modules] If there is not enough space below the input, the dropdown list will be displayed above it

Until the next release! :wave: