v217 Improved Errors tab and even more icons πŸŽ€

Hi! πŸ‘‹
SentiOne Automate version 217 was released on 04.05.2023. We've improved the Errors tab in the Analytics module, added icons to all Menus in the Flow module and introduced a few other improvements.

πŸ•΅οΈ Improved Errors tab

We've added the search box to the Errors tab in the Analytics module and introduced a few front-end improvements so now it's more usable.

✨ Icons in the Flow

We've added icons to all Menus in the Flow module making it much more user-friendly (and prettier πŸ—).


  • [Flows] Now, if you send one message after another and the previous one hasn't been processed yet, you will see an appropriate message in the chat tester
  • [Integrations] If you select a POST or PUT request, the default header will be automatically added preventing you from making the popular mistake of not adding it
  • [Knowledge base] Now, when creating a Connector, you can set your own Connector name instead of using a default one


  • [Flows] Default Flow and NLU are no longer missing immediately after the Flow update
  • [Flows] Each last used state in the debug mode used to be displayed with the Error indicator even if there was no error
  • [NLUs] Generating phrases using AI wasn't working properly when used for the first time and now it is
  • [NLUs] Minor copy fixes
  • [Multiple modules] Minor fix related to form validation

See you in two weeks! πŸ—