v220 New shape of Connections and formatting Project description πŸ”₯

Hello! :boar:
SentiOne Automate version 220 was released on 15.06.2023. Major improvements include adding an option to change the shape of the Connections in Flow and possibility to format project description.

πŸ“ New shape of Connections

In order to elevate the UX of building your bot, we're introducing a new shape of Connections. Choose the Settings button from the toolbox available in the bottom left corner of the Canvas and switch the default curved Connections to the new straight ones.

πŸ”₯ More customisable Project description

We've enabled Markdown in the Project description so now you can format it and add all the links you need to make it more informative, useful and pretty at the same time!


  • [Flows/NLUs] Added A-Z ordering and scrollbar to the Flows/NLUs lists in the breadcrumbs so it's easier to navigate between multiple Flows/NLUs
  • [Export] Added additional fields to the .CSV export of Conversations: Integrations time, NLU time, Context, Block, Commands


  • Added mechanism for enriching logging by adding sessionId as a prefix to requestId

Until the next release! :wave: