v222 Keyboard shortcuts for chat tester ⌨️

Hi! 👋
SentiOne Automate version 222 was released on 13.07.2023. Major improvements include introducing keyboard shortcuts for chat tester-related actions.

⌨️ Keyboard shortcuts for chat tester

Now chat tester supports keyboard shortcuts for the most common chat tester-related actions:

  • T - Open/close chat tester
  • Esc - If focused on input: exit focus, otherwise - close chat tester
  • D - Open/close debug mode
  • R - Restart conversation
  • M - Turn on/off the automatic reading of all incoming messages


Go to the Keyboard shortcuts section to see all the available keyboard shortcuts.


  • [NLUs] Now it is possible to add a new phrase and create a new intent at the same time
  • [Channels] Added credentials validation so you can immediately test whether it is possible to connect your bot with the selected channel
  • [Integrations] You can now choose the JSON or raw body type of the input values
  • [Flow] Recently introduced Blocking operation command is now also supported in the chat tester - learn more
  • [Knowledge base] Name of the previously uploaded connector will be displayed when editing it

Until the next release! 👋