v223 Generating response variants and keyword synonyms using AI πŸͺ„

Hello! :boar:
SentiOne Automate version 223 was released on 27.07.2023. Significant changes include generating response variants and keywords synonyms using AI and navigating to errors in Block settings.

πŸͺ„ Generating response variants using AI

Now, you can use AI to generate more response variants based on the response you've provided.

πŸ€– Generating keyword synonyms using AI

Use AI to generate synonyms for your keywords.

⬆️ Navigating to errors in Block settings

Now, when trying to save a Block with any errors, you will be automatically taken to them - there's no more need to tirelessly look for the mistakes in your elaborate Block settings.


  • [Conversations] When clicked, attachments included in the conversations will be now opened in a new tab
  • [Conversations] Now, we've refined the way we indicate in the Conversations module that a particular message caused an error so it's easier to spot it
  • [All projects] Now, we're supporting Markdown also in the descriptions of the pinned projects

Until the next release! :wave: