v226 Preview of NLU statuses in the Flow 🎓

Hello! 🐗
SentiOne Automate version 226 was released on 07.09.2023.

Preview of NLU statuses in the Flow

Now, when working on the Flow of your bot you can quickly preview the statuses of all the NLUs in your project. This may come in handy while debugging your bot and introducing quick changes to the NLU as well as the Flow of your bot.


  • [Security] Only system admins can change password of other admins. User with "Users Management" privilege, can only change password on users without this privilege.
  • [Security] Password change in enforced on newly created users
  • [Facebook] Possibility to validate advanced Facebook channel via button on form
  • [System] System admins can now easily add themselves to any company


  • [Webchat] Fix issues with webchat on Safari browser
  • [Integrations] Fixed minor front-end bug related to testing Integrations

Until the next release! 👋