v228 Invitation links 🔗

Hello! :boar:
SentiOne Automate version 228 was released on 05.10.2023. During this released we focused on ongoing long term NLU features, which we will be delivering soon! 🤞

Invitation links 🔗

Now you can have an invitation link, generated by system admin from company list page. Link should be generated on demand (click) and should be one-time only. Using this link anyone should be able to create new company with single user with password (do not need to change this password after first logon). Companies created this was are linked to the person which generates the link


  • [Integrations] Ability to disable SSL certificate in config for on-prem deployments

:bug: FIXES

  • [Channels connector] MS Teams are now more resistant to errors.

Until the next release! :wave: