v184 Digit-sequence enity 🔢

Welcome to another SentiOne Automate biweekly update! This time we've made improvements and fixed bugs. Take a look at the changes introduced 13/01/2022.


  • New entity in polish NLU: digit-sequence (documentation)
  • Additional general description for Test Suite
  • Additional syntax in text cases - skip bot response assertion
  • separate permissions for NLU training action and settings
  • Knowledge base item preview modal


  • Project import fails when test suite name contains "nlu"
  • Tags for outputs in blocks are incorrectly wrapped
  • Update flow updatedAt at context creation
  • Connector gets created even though an error occurred during saving
  • Starting from a specific block doesn't work when there is more than one Start block in a given context
  • After import KB items user has to reload page