v192 Redesigned chat tester 🔥

Another SentiOne Automate biweekly update is here and it's a huuuge one! Version 192 was proudly released on 05/05/2022.

🔥 Redesigned chat tester

New, shiny, redesigned chat tester has finally landed!


We've decided to redesign our good old chat tester to make it more user-friendly (or at least not as annoying as it used to be). We hope that debugging your bot will be much easier now, as you can choose any bot response to see all data connected to it parsed in a digestible way.

Of course, there's still the regular JSON format available.


However, it's also improved! Click the arrow symbol in the upper right corner to open the complete JSON preview of the chosen message. You can easily copy it to send it to, for example, a friendly developer supporting you on your debbuging adventure.


❔ Batch phrases recognition

Now you can easily get NLU results for many phrases at once to check how a particular dataset is recognized.


Results will be saved as a .csv file.


🧪 Experimental features

Sometimes Product Owner's dreams come true! Experimental features are finally here. Now, we will be able to introduce certain features, only to those users who want to use them. If you want to preview new features, go to your account settings and turn it on. All feedback, as always, is very much welcome :)


The current experimental features list can be found here.


  • In the Project changelog you can check how much time took the NLU training
  • You can access user IP using system.customHeaders["x-forwarded-for"]
  • Tokenized Arabic phrases are now displayed from right to left
  • Now you can retrieve the exact user input that was recognized as a variable - check
    nlu.variablesList object for the text property
  • Conversations can be now exported in the JSON format (previously there was only .csv)
  • Adjusted NLU training analytics to multi-intent NLUs


  • Lack of matching results in the Conversations module doesn't trigger toast error message anymore
  • Now nlu.variables works in the same way in JS as it does in the Expression language
  • Project reimport doesn't take ages anymore
  • We fixed front-end bugs in tags displayed on blocks
  • The export button in Conversations is now disabled when there's nothing to export
  • We also fixed a very random and a very minor bug in permissions
  • You can immediately classify another phrase, even if the last one triggered a classification error - previously it wasn't possible because of a frozen button


  • Got rid of Play dependency in PlayLogging
  • Refactor of Say with fallback implementation in Dialog manager
  • Improved security of Postgresql driver