Experimental features


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Experimental features are the ones that are still in the early or intermediate stages of development and are not ready to be officially shipped yet. We want to build, test, and release new changes more frequently and we value your feedback at each stage of this process. That's why we are offering you the possibility to preview certain features.

Once you've started using and testing the Experimental features, please be sure to share your feedback with us. We welcome any suggestions or bug reports. Ultimately, feedback is a gift 🎁

How to turn Experimental features on/off

To use and test new functionality, enable Experimental features in your account settings. There is no option to choose specific features and turning this on will enable all Experimental features available at the moment. If you don't want to use the Experimental features anymore, simply toggle them off.


Experimental features are disabled by default.


We recommend not to use the Experimental features in production bots since the changes are allowed to be breaking.

Current Experimental features

The following features are currently available for experimental use:

Flow snippets (v212, v216)

Now, you will be able to save, reuse and share parts of your Flow with your Organization. This will allow you for more effective bot building and smoother collaboration - available from v212 onwards.

In v216 we've also added a set of predefined System Snippets. By default, they are available to everyone using the Automate platform. On the other hand, custom snippets are shared only among users from the same Organization.

Generating phrases using GPT by OpenAI (v214)

There's a new integration available on our bot platform - OpenAI / Chat GPT. This integration allows for the automatic generation of NLU phrases based on the intent name and the previously added phrases. Notice, that currently, this is available only on SentiOne environments.

Generating bot responses using AI (v221)

Now, you can generate bot responses using AI directly in the Responses section of Block settings.

Experimental features moved to the regular phase

Once Experimental features are moved to the Regular phase, they are no longer considered experimental and are available to everyone by default.


Feedback is a gift!

When using Experimental features, please, reach out and share your feedback with us. It really means a lot.
SentiOne Product Team πŸ™Œ