Voice Gateway - SentiOne Automate gatewat integration

A service exchanging data with Automate - via the gateway component. Communication is carried out via REST API.
The entire system logic is implemented by Automate - VoiceGateway receives information based on what content to generate speech synthesis and returns, in the same way, recognition collected using ASR speech recognition services.
In addition to the data enabling dialogue, additional configuration information is also transferred between the components, as well as a set of information after the end of the call, which collects a number of basic data regarding the telephone connection, such as its duration, reason for disconnection and a description of which side of the connection made it, session identifiers in diagnostic purposes.


By default, the configuration of this website is collected in the application.conf file, example below:

voice.gateway.dialog.sentione {
  base-url: "https://gateway.example.com"
  username: VoiceGateway
  password: xzyxzy
  max-silence-duration: 10s
  max-dtmf-silence-duration: 2s
  handle-transcriptions-during-synthesis: false
  streaming-api: true

Field description:

  • base-url - API endpoint address under which the Automate gateway component is listening
  • username, password - authorization access data to Automate (HTTP Basic Auth)
  • max-silence-duration - default value of the time after which the end of the statement is recognized
  • max-dtmf-silence-duration - default time after which the end of entering dtmf signals is recognized
  • handle-transcription-during-synthesis - configuration whether the speech recognition service should listen and statements should be recognized during the text-to-speech prompt
  • streaming-api - usage of /stream endpoint in gateway API (should be true by default)