Regex entities

RegEx entity is useful when you need to recognize some regular patterns, such as IDs, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc., that is any standardized character or number strings you need to catch from user input.

Some examples:

  • Bank CIF number containing 7 to 10 numbers: [0-9]{7,10}
  • Flight booking reference number containing 6 letters or numbers: [A-Z0-9]{6}
  • Any e-mail address from yahoo, hotmail, or (\W|^)[\w.-]{0,25}@(yahoo|hotmail|gmail).com(\W|$)

As regular expressions are a standard used commonly in all kinds of technical tasks, you can easily find tutorials and editors across the web.

To create a regular expression entity, go to the “Entities” tab, choose “Create entity” and then “Regex”: