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Changes summary

In this version, we changed add some small changes and possibilities to configure webchat (agentAvatar). We also changed how some methods like open() close() are working.


  • [Webchat] Stop silence messages after end of conversation and make close() close conversation - after end of conversation, silence message is no longer triggering new conversation. Also after close conversation window (via X button from webchat header or sentiOneChat.close()) silence message mechanism is also turned off.

New fields in configuration object

Field name (* - required)TypeDescriptionExample
appearance.agentAvatarobjectObject to configuration agent avatars. (Should be used only, when transfer conversation to agent is possible)
appearance.agentAvatar.srcstringUrl to image
appearance.agentAvatar.showNearBubblebooleanOption to set up if agentAvatar should be displayed near to message bubble

Changes in window.sentiOneChat object

Method nameArgumentReturn typeDescription
open()voidMethod to open (show) chat conversation window.
close()voidMethod to close conversation window and reset current conversation (it will also turn off silence Message functionality)
minimize()voidMethod to close conversation window but without closing/resting current conversation (if silence message functionality is turned on, after receive new message from bot, conversation window will open automatically)
destroy()voidMethod to remove webchat from page and reset current conversation