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New fields in configuration object

Field name (* - required)TypeDescription
initialMessage.delayTimenumberThere is possibility to start conversation automatically (send initialMessage) even if conversation window is closed without opening.

For example
delayTime = 2000 and auto open is disabled, webchat after 2s will send initial message with extradata to API, without opening webchat. When user decide to open conversation window, will see already started conversation.

If this setting is enabled, after each page refresh, webchat will send initialMessage after specified time so consider using this option with conversationHistory setting (read more below) to avoid too many messages from bot in conversation window.
conversationHistory'load' | 'abandon' | 'no-load'Setting to provide what webchat should do with conversation history.
Load - conversation history will be loaded (default behaviour)
Abandod - previous conversation will be abandoned
No-load - previous conversation will be continued but without loading conversatio history