Analytics overview

Analytics module is a great source of quantitative data about bot's performance. It allows for quick identification of all the pain points of the users and turns them into actionable insights. It provides real-time data on your bots and enables you to gain insights about bot performance and customer experience. This module is the best place to support data-driven decision-making.

  • Conversations volume - analyze the number of conversations
  • Tags - analyze conversations with specific tags that you define in your flow
  • Intents - analyze NLU intent frequencies in the bot conversations
  • Redirect - analyze Redirect frequencies in the bot conversation
  • Unrecognised messages - analyze all unrecognized (by NLU) messages

Click on the chart in Analytics to see all corresponding conversations

When clicking a specific value on charts in the Analytics module, you will be redirected to the Conversations module, where all available filters will be already preset and you will see only conversations corresponding to the value on the chart. This will allow you for an instant deep-dive into the relevant conversations and will make understanding your users and optimizing your bot much quicker and hassle-free.