Pattern entities

For more complex or less regular expressions, we have created a custom language called Metaetykietator, MTT in short. It is a syntax that allows attaching custom labels to text data.

It is most useful when you need to differentiate between expressions that overlap and thus cannot function as simple entities, or when you want to catch a whole group of characteristic expressions such as welcomes or confirmations.

Some examples:

A snippet of a welcome pattern:

LABEL (a"hi"|a"hey"|a"hello"|a"good morning") AS @"welcome"

A snippet of a confirmation pattern:

LABEL (a"yes"|a"yep"|a"sure"|a"of course") AS @"confirmation"
LABEL @"confirmation" @"confirmation" AS @"confirmation"
UNLABEL @"confirmation" IN @"confirmation"

A snippet of an eating pattern (using regex):
Results found: eaten, eating, eat

LABEL ir"eat" AS @"eat"

A snippet of an intent pattern ("cancel order"):

LABEL (a"cancel"|a"remove"|a"delete"|a"terminate") AS @"CANCEL"
LABEL (a"order"|a"package"|a"parcel") AS @"ORDER"
LABEL (<1,3> @"CANCEL" <1,2> @"ORDER") AS @"cancel_order"

If you would like to build a pattern entity, please contact SentiOne Bot Designers for instructions and support.