System settings


System Administrator role

Only a user with System Administrator role can access system settings. This role is directly assigned in the database. Contact your administrator to learn more about this role.

🏒 Organizations management

One installation of SentiOne Automate could have many internal organizations. The system administrator can use organizations to provide a separate workspace for users. Every organization has its own projects, knowledge base, roles, and permissions.


Within Organizations tab, the Administrator can:

  • See all of the created organizations
  • Create a new organization by clicking Create new organization button
  • Edit organization by clicking on the edit icon within the organization row


After the Organization is created, user who creates Organization will be automatically assigned to that Organization as an Administrator.

When creating a new or editing an existing organization, the user can integrate it with SentiOne Listen & React application.

πŸ” License management

On-premise installation of SentiOne Automate requires a valid license key. In License tab user can upload or edit license key