What's a Steering block?

A Steering block is used to redirect users to wherever they need to go. Visually, with this block, you will have a better organization of the flow.


Think of a tool that controls the direction of a conversation. The Steering block is typically used to link the conversation to a combination of other conversation topics (contexts). We call that type of organization a Router.

What is a router?


It's a combination of contexts to redirect users wherever they needs to go. Think of it as the main pathways that signal between the content of the bot and the user's input. Without them, the bot won't be able to transfer the user to the correct context.

For example:

  1. User is in the welcome stage
  2. User writes an input (an intent/ context)
  3. The bot takes the user's input and redirects it into the router context where you have a Steering block.
  4. The steering block will redirect the user to the intended context.

How to set up the router?


  1. Now link the steering block to Start context block and link all the outputs to the correct context.

  1. Now whenever the user wants to be redirected to one of the following four contexts: View my account, Update my info, Payment option and Set payment alert, the bot will be able to send the correct message.


You can follow the course of the bot's response via the block highlights in blue