Obsolete features


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These features were removed and are no longer available as of the indicated version.
Check the feature description to see if it was replaced by a new, better feature or removed completely and learn if there are any possible workarounds.

Obsolete features

The following features are no longer available:

Legacy Flow export and Context import based on this file (v209)


Removed in version 209

Legacy Flow export was removed in version 209 and replaced by another feature.

If you were using the Legacy Flow export to import specific Contexts to your Flow, learn the details below:

Not possible anymore:

  • to use the Flow file, which was downloaded previously, using the Legacy Flow export, to import specific Contexts to your Flow.
    Flow files exported using the Legacy Flow export are no longer supported.

Still possible:

  • to export a single Flow and use it to import specific Contexts to your Flow (just choose the available Export from the dropdown Menu and import Context as you used to)

Additionally possible:

  • to use the exported Project file and select Contexts from more than one Flow in this Project to be imported to your Flow at once