What's an Integration block?

It's a block that allows use of prepared integration. It calls the integration service and saves the output variables in memory.

Result of the integration is available as memory.response or by other variable name if configured in Integration module.

Best practices

Remember that any usage of integration may result in an error. If memory.success is not true then it means that the integration call was not successful and your bot needs to handle such case.

There might be multiple reasons why integration call fails:

  • External API is faulty - use curl or postman to debug external API
  • Temporary network glitch
  • Wrong usage of curly brackets {} - if you want to embed string value in field that is already in double quotations marks make the brackets double eg.
  "role": {someParameter},  
  "content": "Some text: {{someParameter}}"  

If there is risk that call to integration will take longer, please consider using the BlockOperation functionality.


Further reading

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