Adding the WhatsApp Channel (via Vonage)

This document provides detailed instructions for adding the WhatsApp Business Messaging channel to your bot via Vonage Messages API.

SentiOne enables you to integrate with the WhatsApp channel via Vonage platform. Vonage is the messaging platform and API that enables easy integration with SMS, MMS, and popular social chat apps, including WhatsApp.


Step 1: Connect your WhatsApp account

  1. Login to the Vonage portal and navigate to the External Accounts section.

  2. Choose Set up WhatsApp with Vonage, read instructions and choose Continue with Meta.

  1. You will be directed to Facebook to set up a WhatsApp Business account. Follow the steps to register and connect your WhatsApp Business account to the Vonage API Platform to chat with WhatsApp users via the WhatsApp Business API. Setup includes:
    1. Creating new or selecting your Meta and WhatsApp Business Accounts
    2. Creating or selecting your WhatsApp Business Profile
    3. Verifying your WhatsApp Business number.

Step 2: Create Vonage Application

A Vonage Application is a set of security and configuration information for connecting External Accounts (like WhatsApp), Numbers, and SentiOne Automate Webhooks to the Vonage API.

  1. In the Vonage portal navigate to the Applications section.
  2. Click on + Create a new application. In the Create App screen:
  1. Give a friendly identifier to your application [1].
  2. Generate a public and private key [2]. The private key will be downloaded to your computer.
  3. Enable Messages in Capabilities section.
  1. Enable Enhanced Inbound Media Security option [1].
  2. Set Inbound URL [2] and Status URL [3].
  3. Remember to Save changes.


Inbound URL and Status URL

From the version v218 of Automate, those URLs are available in the Application on the channel creation page. Navigate to Channels module, click Create and select WhatsApp by Vonage.

For versions prior to v218, contact your system administrator to get Inbound URL and Status URL.

Step 3: Link the Application to Number and WhatsApp social channel

  1. In the Vonage portal navigate to the Applications section and choose the application created in the previous step.
  1. Use Link numbers[1] and Link social channels[2] tab to link your application with the proper phone number and WhatsApp account (connected in STEP 1).

Step 4: Set API Key settings

  1. In the Vonage portal navigate to the API Settings section:
  1. Give your API key a friendly name in the Account name field [1].
  2. In SMS settings make sure you have Messages API enabled [2].

Step 5: Configure the channel and connect the bot in SentiOne Automate

  1. In the Automate platform navigate to the Channels module.
  2. Click on Create button and choose WhatsApp by Vonage option. In the Create App screen fill the form based on the data from the previous steps:
    1. Phone number - number with international prefix (without + sign)
    2. Api key - API key from Step 4
    3. Api secret - Account secret (API secret) from Step 4
    4. Application id - Application ID from Step 2
    5. Webhooks secret - Signature secret form Step 4
    6. Private key - copy&pase private key from Step 2.
  3. Save changes and connect the channel to your bot on the channels list.