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Changes summary

In this version, we changed how conversation history works. We moved session-id management to backend, and backend via header (set-cookie) is managing the cookie's session of the conversation. Those changes are breaking, you need to update your configuration object to have properly working webchat.

New fields in configuration object

Field name (* - required)TypeDescriptionExample
appearance.outerStylesobjectObject to setup mostly position of webchat on host page. These styles will be injected to the host page
appearance.outerStyles.urlstringUrl to custom stylesheet
appearance.outerStyles.customCssstringCustom css rules
appearance.endOfConversationLabelstringUser will see this label as end of conversation message
appearance.startNewConversationButtonLabelstringUser will see this label in button to start new conversation
appearance.conversationWindowWidthstringField to set up width of the conversation window{conversationWindowWidth: '300px'}
appearance.conversationWindowHeightstringField to set up height of the converstion window{conversationWindowHeight: '300px'}

Removed fields in configuration object

Field name (* - required)Description
disableConversationHistoryThere is no longer 'frontend' conversation history
conversationSessionIdCookieNameThere is no longer 'frontend' conversation history
onSessionIdChangedThere is no longer 'frontend' conversation history
sessionIdThere is no longer 'frontend' conversation history

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