Audio recording

A service that records telephone calls in the form of audio files. These files are saved on a shared disk share, which must be configured mapped to a directory available to the website.
Files are saved in .wav format and cataloged by days and months. The file name is the internal session ID. It is possible to access saved recordings via the REST API.
No retention of this data is defined - any archiving or deletion of recordings should be handled by external management services. It is possible to block recording, but the Gall service itself is required for operation due to the configuration of the Akka cluster.


voice.gateway {
  gall {
    api {
      base-url = ""
      api-key: "<XYZ>"

    storage.path = "/var/log/gall/"
    database {
      username = "vg-admin"
      password = ${DB_PASS}
      url = "jdbc:postgresql://"
      driver = org.postgresql.Driver
      show-sql = false
      persistence = "postgres_pu"
      liquibase.enabled = false
      schema = "gall"

Fields description

  • api - configuration of access via REST API
  • storage.path - directory where files will be saved
  • database - configuration of access to the Postgresql database