Play Framework configuration

Play Framework

Play Framework is our web framework of choice. It handles incoming HTTP requests . More information about the framework can be found on their public site.

Default configuration

Play framework is very configurable thus it contains many config parameters that can be used to tune it. All of the possible parameters could be found in the documentation.

Config properties that are used/changed in our applications

We override / require to override some properties:

http.portPort on which application should be listeningDepends on service
play.http.secret.keyApplication secret, unique hashShould be overridden
play.evolutions.autoApplyShould evolutions be auto-appliedtrue
play.evolutions.useLocksShould evolutions use locks (recommended)true
play.http.parser.maxMemoryBufferMaximum payload size that could be loaded to the memoryoverridden in some services
play.http.parser.maxDiskBufferMaximum payload size that can be stored on hard driveoverridden in some services
play.server.http.idleTimeoutTime after which request will be endedoverridden in some services
play.http.session.cookieNameSession's cookie name__Host-session
play.http.session.secureIs cookie enabled only for httpstrue
play.http.session.sameSiteParameter sameSite for session's cookieNone or SameSite