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New Indicators

New fields in configuration object

Field name (* - required)TypeDescription
indicator.unreadMessages.symbolstringSymbol will be presented in Orange dot (color, size, can be changes via custom CSS). Can be empty, then orange dot will be empty.
indicator.unreadMessages.delayTimenumberDuration in milliseconds for the 'orange dot' popup delay. (Default is 1000ms)
indicator.encouragementMessage.textstringThe text provided will appear within a 'message bubble' and can be left empty. The maximum length allowed for the text is 300 characters
indicator.encouragementMessage.delayTimenumberDuration in milliseconds for the 'message bubble' popup delay. (Default is 1000ms)

Message viewed mechanism

We've implemented a new mechanism to alert the user (client) when their message has been received by the system.

Adjustments such as size and color can be customized using 'custom CSS'.