Language support

You can use SentiOne Automate to build assistants in these supported languages:

The tables below detail the differences between language models.

Single Language Projects

Single language NLU models can only handle one language at a time.

PLPolishPL-specific system entities
See Built-in entities
ENEnglishEN-specific system entities
See Built-in entities
ARArabicAR-specific system entities
See Built-in entities
DEGermanDE-specific system entities
See Built-in entities


Entity Support by Language

Go to Built-in entities for a detailed breakdown of supported entity types by language.

Multi-language NLUs

Multi-language projects support a multilingual language model. This means that phrases and entity examples can be added in multiple languages under the same model, intent or entity.

Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, RussianOnly English built-in entities are supported


Multi-lingual NLUs

Go to Multi-language NLUs section for more information.

Speech to Text (STT a.k.a ASR) & Text to Speech (TTS)

In Voice connector you can select various languages and dialects to create you own voicebot. Remember that NLU, ASR and TTS language should match to create a properly working voicebot.

You can find list of supported languages here