Platform API

General description

Platform API is a proxy between outer world and SentiOne Automate. By default when component is running and exposed as public service it provides a REST API as well as swagger UI page that describes the API like below.

This API is also documented on page Senti0ne Automate Platform API


Default port: 5780

There are default endpoints for monitoring purposes. They are described in Components monitoring section.


This service communicates with the following services:

ApplicationConfig to URLAuth


Endpoints are secured with Time based one time password (OTP) (see confguration). It uses 30 second window and accepts codes from clients with up to 59 second time deviation on their system clocks. For manual testing OTP code can be generated with mobile app like Google Authenticator or any of the multiple alternatives.


Application's config

chatbots.platform-api {
	# Required to secure endpoints, 16 alphanumerics capital characters 
  otp-secret: "OTP-SECRET" 

Job execution