Silence message


Webchat has possibility to send to the bot specific 'silence message' when there is no activity from user site. The bot can handle this specific message (as no response, similar to voice bots) and send a message with some message to remind the user about to send a response.

How it is working?

In the configuration object, you can specify time, text and/or extraData.

    chatSrc: ``,
    projectId: '4f73764a-a199-47c1-9bdb-fc1faed146f9',
    silenceMessage: {
      delayTime: 2000, 
      text: "", 
      extraData: {"process:" :"X"} 

DelayTime - is the time after which, in the case of inactivity of the user, the message will be sent to bot (including text and extraData when specified)

This trigger message sent to the bot, the user will not see in his conversation history, but response of the bot will be normally displayed in conversation window.

Typing in input webchat is treating as user activity, so when user is typing, silence message will be not sent


When webchat is minimized and new message will arrive, webchat will open automatically.