General description

Webchat is a small application allowing communication between users of the website and our bots

Similar to Intercom, webchat will be added to the client page, and be displayed in the right bottom corner, ready to use.

There Is a separate section about the usage of WebChat, starting from What is webchat?


Default port: 5760

Application has got public HTTP API which is not secured.

There are default endpoints for monitoring purposes. They are described in Components monitoring section.


This service communicates with the following services:

ApplicationConfig to URLAuth


Application's config:

chatbots.web-chat {  
  legacy-demo-enabled: true # enables or disables demo page for web chat.

  # SQL connection details  
  db {  
    url: "jdbc:postgresql://db:5432/chatbots-web-chat",  
    user: "postgres",  
    password: "root"  
    max-connections: 20  
  session {  
    # After this duration of user inactivity, the session will be marked as expired  
    max-inactivity: 55m  
    # After this duration of user inactivity, the session will be permanently removed from the database  
    delete-after: 24h  
  hooks {  
    hooks-request-timeout: 30s  
    hooks-messages-max-age: 24h  
    hooks-receivers: [  
        url: "https://REACT_HOOKS_SERVER_PUBLIC_URL/webchat"  
        otp-secret: "PUT_SECRET_HERE"  

Other required configurations:

# Other APIs URLs  
chatbots.gateway-api.url: "http://host:port"

# Bot Integration configuration  
chatbots.senti-one-api {  
  url: "<http://bot-integration:9010">, # actual address for bot-integration service  
  secret: "KNSWG4TFORIGC43T" # same secret as defined in bot-integration service  
# Redis configuration  
chatbots.concurrency {  
  redis {  
    host: "redis"  
    port: 6379  

# Required to properly work with web-chat channel. If it's not set the web-chat won't be displayed as an available channel  
chatbots.admin.web-chat-demo-url: "http://host:port"

Play Framework config

More information about Play Framework could be found in Play Framework configuration section

Job execution



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