Dependencies (External Services)

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Automate Platform depends on several third party services which have to be installed beforehand (so called external services).

Installation manuals

Please follow installation manuals listed below in order to prepare for installation of Automate platform.

ServiceDescriptionInstallation manual
Kubernetes Cluster 1.18Container orchestration platform used for running applicationsKubernetes installation
ElasticSearch 6.8.23Document database used as a storage for conversation transcriptionsElasticSearch installation
PostgreSQL Database 13SQL DatabasePosgreSQL installation
RabbitMQ 3.8Message BrokerRabbitMQ installation
RedisAI 7.0.9Redis with RedisAI module for Deep/Machine Learning modelsRedisAI installation
NFSNFS service acting as a storage for NLU training dataNFS installation
Loki-stack 2.8.5Monitoring system for metrics and logs collection, data visualization and real-time alertingMonitoring tools installation