Configuring LiveChat

This document provides detailed instructions for configuring LiveChat in channels-connector


Step 1: Create application

  1. Log in to LiveChat Developer Console.
  2. Go to Apps and click Create a new app.
  3. Create application with chosen App Name and product type LiveChat.

Step 2: Configure application

  1. From Apps section, choose newly created application.
  2. Skip widget configuration.
  3. Choose Configure Authorization and select Server Side App.

  4. Save Client Id and Client secret for later use.

  1. Setup Redirect URI whitelist to point on admin application domain.
  2. Add following scopes in Scopes section:
    1. agents--my:rw
    2. agents-bot--my:rw
    3. chats--access:rw
    4. customers:ro
    5. agents--all:ro
    6. agent-bot-all:ro

  1. Go to Building blocks and add Chat Webhooks with fields:
    1. Webhook URL - point on channels-connector application domain with endpoint webhooks/livechat,
    2. Secret key - save for later use as Webhook secret,
    3. Webhook triggers - filled as shown below.

Step 3: Install application

After configuring application, go to Private installation and click Install app.

Step 4: Fill configuration file

chatbots.channels-connector.livechat: {
  enabled: true
  client-secret: "FROM STEP 2-4"
  client-id: "FROM STEP 2-4"
  webhooks-secret: "FROM STEP 2-7"

Step 5: Redeploy channels-connector with new configuration

Step 6: Authenticate LiveChat account


Following steps are also available in more details here

  1. Log in to Automate platform.
  2. Go to Channels and click Create -> LiveChat.
  3. You will be redirected to LiveChat's login page.
  4. Log in using yours credentials.
  5. Choose Agent name.
  6. New LiveChat channel will appear on channels list.