Infrastructure Requirements

SentiOne's solution can be deployed both on dedicated servers as well as in the virtualized environment. We recommend use of virtualization as it offers best scalability and optimal use of resources.

Hardware recommendation is dedicated for configuration of production environment in single data-center. We recommend that in case of setting up test and acceptance environments within Customer's infrastructure the hardware specification should be as close to the production one as possible in order to fully replicate conditions bot will run in.

It is possible to run components on shared server instances. To optimise use costs of the servers we use orchestration service called Kubernetes. In case of deployment of our solution within private Azure cloud these services would be called Azure Container and Azure Kubernetes services which offer easy scaling both vertically and horizontally.

Minimal infrastructure

The minimal infrastructure allows You to run SentiOne Automate without failproof configuration. The system is not resilient for the VM (server) failure. This should be used for non-critical purpose systems, PoC, or demos.

Production ready infrastructure

The production ready infrastructure allows for 1 VM (server) failure. The Services are running in cluster mode which also delivers High availability (HA).