This page aims to provide information on the limitations present in each channel supported by our platform. This will allow You to understand what features are available in each channel and what limitations they may encounter while working with it.

WhatsApp by Vonage

  • Quick Replies
    • maximum 3 replies (all others will be trimmed)
    • maximum 20 characters in one quick reply (all others will be trimmed)
  • Attachments sent by the user during the conversation:
    • are available for 48 hours in the Conversations module (after it was sent by the user).
    • supported files: image (Supported types are .jpg, .jpeg, and .png), video (Supports file types .mp4 and .3gpp. Note: Only supports video codec H.264 and audio codec AAC), audio, file
    • are unavailable in the integrated SentiOne Listen & React application

WhatsApp by Twilio

  • Quick Replies
    • Automate quick replies are not supported. Quick replies defined in the Flow module will be ignored.
    • Twilio lets you add quick replies/buttons to the message by WhatsApp Message Templates feature. Message templates have to be predefined and approved by Twilio.


  • Quick Replies
    • maximum 13 replies (all other will be trimmed)