Context grouping

To help you keep your flows in order, we've added an option to group your Contexts on the Context list.

How to create a group?

A group has to include at least one Context, therefore you can create a group by clicking the chosen Context with the right mouse button and then choose Move context to group:

In a modal window you can name your group, click Save and ta-da! It's created with the chosen Context inside:

You can rename your group later on by right-clicking its name and choosing Rename group from the Menu.

Once a group is created you can move it around your Context List using drag&drop and also collapse and unfold it by clicking on it.

How to add elements to a group?

You have two options to add another Context to your group. First, by clicking right mouse button on a Context, choosing "Move context to group" (as in creating a group) but this time you can choose a group from a dropdown list:

The Context will automatically be moved to this group.

Second option is to drag & drop the Context to a group. Once you move it around you will see a small "wizard" that indicates where the Context will be added. It also works on collapsed groups:

You can also right-click the name of the group and choose Create new context from the Menu to create a new Context inside the chosen group.

There's also a possibility to duplicate each Context by right-clicking its name a choosing Duplicate context - this also works inside the groups.



Please note that Start context cannot be included in a group. Also, if you assign one of the Contexts in a group as Start context, it will be removed from a group and placed at the top of Context List.

How to take elements out of a group?

Here you also have few options available. You can take Contexts out of a group one by one by using drag & drop method. Once you remove the last Context, the group will disappear.

You can also unpack the whole group - all elements will be taken out of the group at once and the group itself will stop existing. To do this, click right mouse button on a group and choose "Ungroup contexts"


Important note

Remember that if you import a Project to an older version of Automate than v208, the groups will not be imported but Contexts will appear in correct order as they were organised in groups.