What's a Metadata block?

Metadata block allows you to save information related to whole conversation in a key-value format. Metadata can be easily read in Conversation module in the header of the conversation in the right panel.

What are the different use cases?

  • Store information on customer status
  • Save score from NPS questionnaire
  • Add debugging information

How do you set it up?

Add block to flow like any other blocks. Once the conversation will go through this block a metadata will be save for conversation.

Example of usage of the Metadata block in the Flow

Example of usage of the Metadata block in the Flow

Tags vs Metadata

Another useful analytical tool that you can use are tags. Tags can be add on almost all blocks, however there are some differences.

  • Tags are stored per user step and not for whole conversation
  • Metadata has key and value
  • In Conversation module tags are visible on user utterances and bot responses but metadata is visible in conversation header
  • You can filter in Analytics module by tags but not by metadata value