Where can I test it?

You can see Webchat in action here:

How to talk to specific bot?

If you would like to test a specific bot in action, you have to pass additional query param in URL adress:

The Entire URL should look like:


Working demo



Webchat app is available on all our envs (tst, pre) and it is working in exactly the same way as on prod (mentioned above)

Image as a background

You will not be able to display every page as a background because not every page allows to display itself in window. When we are not able to display page you will see this message:

What you can do with these pages?

You can use a screenshot of client page to demo purpose.

To use an image as a background, you have to do a few simply steps:

  1. Take screenshot of a page. You can use extensions to Google Chrome like https://gofullpage.com/ to take a screenshot of the entire page.
  2. Upload screenshot to https://imgur.com/ (or any other disk for image)
  3. After upload, click right button on mouse on image and copy link to image

  1. Select Image URL option
  2. Paste link to image to input