DB HTTP connector

General description

DB HTTP connector provides an API for accessing SQL databases. It is intended to be used by the Integrations mechanism in SentiOne Automate. Such integration can be executed as part of handling the user's message in Flow.

Supported database engines

Only Oracle DB is officially supported, but the application also contains the driver for PostgreSQL.


Default port: 5784

This service contains the API definition in OpenAPI Specification format and hosts Swagger UI on its root path.

There are default endpoints for monitoring purposes. They are described in Components monitoring section.


This service communicates only with databases defined in config.

It should be visible to the Admin panel and Dialogs services in order to be usable from the Integrations mechanism.



Please note there are no additional security options on this module. Please be cautious when enabling this component, so there is no public exposure of source database!


Application's config

chatbots.db-http-connector {
  db-connections: [
      name: "example1"
      url: "jdbc:oracle:thin:@oracle-db:1521/FREEPDB1",
      user: "username",
      password: "password"
      name: "example2"
      url: "jdbc:postgresql://db:5432/example",
      user: "username",
      password: "password",
      connection-pool {
        minimum-idle: 100
        maximum-pool-size: 10
        max-lifetime: 100
        connection-timeout: 250
        idle-timeout: 100
        keepalive-time: 100
        auto-commit: true


To configure using this module in Automate please add integration to address http://db-http-connector:5784 and add POST method "query" like in screenshot below:

Endpoint /query accepts a request in JSON format with two keys:

  • query - SQL query directly applied to the database
  • dbConnection - database name defined in the configuration file in the "name" field

Job execution