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Changes summary

The latest update to the WebChat configuration now includes an exciting new feature that allows users to customize the scroll behavior of the conversation window. With this new option, users can decide whether they want the chat interface to automatically scroll to the top of a long message or to the bottom of the conversation window. This enhancement offers greater flexibility and personalization, ensuring a more tailored user experience.


New fields in configuration object

Field name (* - required)TypeDescriptionExample
appearance.icons.autoScrollToBottomIconstringURL to icon which will be displayed as scroll to bottom button
scrollOptions.scrollTostring ('topOfMessage' or 'bottom')The scroll behavior control option provides users with the ability to determine how the WebChat interface responds when encountering lengthy messages. Traditionally, the conversation window would scroll automatically to the bottom, displaying the latest message at the bottom of the visible area. However, with this new feature, users can now modify this behavior based on their preference.

When the option is set to "topOfMessage," the WebChat interface will intelligently scroll upwards to display the beginning of the lengthy message at the top of the conversation window. This is particularly useful when users want to read the entire message from the beginning, ensuring they don't miss any crucial details. By having the message displayed at the top, users can easily review the content without the need to manually scroll upwards.

On the other hand, when the option is set to "bottom" (the default behavior), the conversation window will continue to scroll automatically to the bottom, displaying the latest message at the bottommost visible area. This behavior is suitable for users who prefer to focus on the most recent message without interruptions, allowing them to keep up with the ongoing conversation seamlessly.

The new scroll behavior control option can be easily accessed and modified within the WebChat configuration settings.