What's a Say block?

A Say Block is used to have the Bot create a message or a response to the user.


Say block does not function as a standalone block. It must always be linked to a prior or subsequent block.

Set up: (1) Responses & Buttons

Responses: the dialogue configuration allows you to input a response or a statement that your bot delivers to the user.

Quick replies: creations of buttons, with emoji support

Set up: (2) Outputs & Conditions

What are outputs?

They are the direction that the conversation can take.

  • It can be linear (having a single output)
  • or have multiple path based on different conditions (multiple outputs)

What kind of condition can you set? (See Conditions)

Most used case: (1) nlu.intent

Most used case: (2) nlu.user_input

Say block conversion

The regular Say block can be converted into one of the other Say block types: Say with fallback or Conditional say. All the applicable data from the regular Say block will be transferred to the new block, so you don't lose anything.