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Welcome to SentiOne Automate Knowledge Center!

SentiOne Automate is a platform that allows you to automate customer service using AI-based bots in all key user contact channels (voice, chat, social media).

Bots are virtual assistants who support customer service by automating selected repetitive processes. With the SentiOne Automate platform, you can create text and voice bots that support both simple and complex processes.

The bot building interface allows you to use the proprietary SentiOne NLU module for simple and intuitive building of conversational bots in all channels.

Thanks to the use of an advanced NLU module, deep neural networks and a trained language model on colloquial texts, adding a new business process does not require programming work. Only configuration work via the web panel is required.

In this documentation, we present the key modules and capabilities of the SentiOne Automate platform.

New to SentiOne Automate?

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