Adding the LiveChat Channel

This document provides detailed instructions for adding the Livechat channel.


This documentation presents adding Livechat Channel on already configured environment like the one available on For initial configuration on on-prem environments please go to this page configuring-livechat


  1. Working LiveChat and configured account
  2. LiveChat app is configured on your environment (already configured on SentiOne cloud)

Step 1: Create new channel

  1. Log in to Automate platform.
  2. Go to Channels and click Create -> LiveChat.
  3. You will be redirected to LiveChat's login page.
  4. Log in using yours credentials.
  5. Choose Bot Agent name.
  6. New LiveChat channel will appear on channels list.
Step by step recording of creating new LiveChat Channel

Step by step recording of creating new LiveChat Channel

Step 2: Configure bot to handle conversations on LiveChat

Once the application is connected and new Bot Agent is created you should see it LiveChat Application

List of Chatbots in LiveChat

List of Chatbots in LiveChat

You can now assign Chatbots to your Teams so that they will handle the incoming messages. Please follow the official LiveChat documentation for more details